Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Hashim Akib Demonstration at Writtle Art Group

Today's demonstration was well-attended by close to 50 group members, associates and guests. Hash (as he likes to be known) offered three subjects for his demonstration - two London street scenes, plus a woodland scene which was chosen by the group. Hash explained he was at present using Amsterdam acrylics, and set to work on a pre-prepared canvas with a bright magenta ground. Using his well-established style of large brushes and a circular palette he produced a vibrant background before adding well-placed marks with smaller brushes and plastic scrapers. The overall effect was very pleasing and inspiring to those keen to experiment with acrylic paints.
As usual, Hash kept everyone engaged with an interesting account of his current activities as a budding 'commercial' artist. These include commitments to provide paintings to a number of galleries - quite a heavy workload which he tries to balance successfully with his book-writing and instructional workshops.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Writtle Art Group Spring 2019 Demonstrations

We welcome two artist this term -

Hashim Akib joins us on the 11th of February using Acrylics and on the 8th of April we meet a new artist, Phil Biggs.   Phil paints in watercolour specialising in Buildings and Landscapes.

Hashim Akib

Phil Biggs

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Writtle Art Group 2018 Autumn Exhibition

On a sunny weekend, more than 260 visitors attended the art show which included 250 original paintings by local artists from the Writtle Art Group, both regular and associate members. 

As a usual feature of the Autumn exhibition, the general public were asked to vote for their favourite framed picture entered by members of the Monday morning art group. This competition dates back to 1976, with the award of a palette-shaped trophy intended to commemorate former member, Leslie Bass.

In all, 215 valid votes were cast for the Bass Trophy. The winner this year was Helen Mariner with 18 votes for her painting ‘Midnight Fox’. There was a tie for second place, both with 13 votes, for Peter Robson’s picture ‘Manhattan Memories’ and John Robinson’s portrait of Clive James. Reflecting the high standard of this year’s show, it was interesting that the remaining 171 votes were spread widely throughout the group overall.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Denise Allen Seascape Demonstration at Writtle Art Group

A gathering of over 50 thoroughly enjoyed Denise Allen's seascape demonstration.  Despite a gruelling and tiring 2 hour + drive from St Olaves in Norfolk, Denise's highly informative description of the methods she adopts to create the her sparkling acrylic seascapes will no doubt inspire many to have a go.  We thank Denise, it was excellent!

Initial Sketch

Half Way

Working Hard

More by Denise

More by Denise

You can see more of Denise's work by clicking the link under "Artists who have visited Writtle Art Group"

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