Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Hashim Akib Demonstration at Writtle Art Group

Today's demonstration was well-attended by close to 50 group members, associates and guests. Hash (as he likes to be known) offered three subjects for his demonstration - two London street scenes, plus a woodland scene which was chosen by the group. Hash explained he was at present using Amsterdam acrylics, and set to work on a pre-prepared canvas with a bright magenta ground. Using his well-established style of large brushes and a circular palette he produced a vibrant background before adding well-placed marks with smaller brushes and plastic scrapers. The overall effect was very pleasing and inspiring to those keen to experiment with acrylic paints.
As usual, Hash kept everyone engaged with an interesting account of his current activities as a budding 'commercial' artist. These include commitments to provide paintings to a number of galleries - quite a heavy workload which he tries to balance successfully with his book-writing and instructional workshops.

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I started to paint on retirement and enjoy painting in a variety of styles. Although willing to have a go at most scenes or objects the classical East Anglian landscape scenes is my favourite. I am a member of the Writtle Art Group and The Griffin Art Group of Danbury and show at local exhibitions